18th Anniversary Speech made by Pastor Larry Mishael

18th Anniversary Speech made by Pastor Larry Mishael

Pastor Larry Mishael of Praise Tabernacle Mission, located at 53 Samek road, off IMSU junction Owerri had the following to share during the church’s 18th Anniversary.

“Calvary greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus.

It is with great joy and honour that Anita and I welcome to another anniversary celebration of Praise Tabernacle Mission Int’l. We count the blessings of the Lord on a daily basis, and for 18 years, He has been doing wondrous works for us as a church. We can only say, “Were it not for the Lord, where would we be?” We can only say, “thank you Lord for everything,”

Praise Tabernacle Mission started in August 5th 1997 but operated for 2 years without commissioning until May 1999, when it was officially inaugurated by our father in the Lord, Late Prof. John Ofoegbu (of blessed memory) The parent body of Praise Tabernacle Mission was Extra ministries which began in 1988 in Egbu, Imo state.

Since the inauguration of Praise Tabernacle Mission, we have seen the hand of the Lord doing wonders in our midst and moving us from one level of numerical growth and anointing to another level. The rate at which members (students) graduate and leave the state and thus the church notwithstanding, we have lacked members. We started with one service but now run 5 services, to the glory of God. It is evident that the Spirit of is at work amongst us.

God called me basically as an evangelist with the mandate to break the shackles of hell on humanity and provide kingdom solution to men, preparing them for the rapture. This mandate came in a vision where I saw countless number of people in bondage and affliction and with supernatural power, I began ministering to them and raising them from affliction. Those who became free joined in ministering to others and setting them free. Before long, we were an army of free men.

Things achieved

• God has used Anita and I to take the gospel to different nations of the world

• God has used us to establish Praise Tabernacle Mission in two countries – United Kingdom and South Africa.

• God has also used us to establish Praise Tabernacle in some states in the country with people in several others pleading for parishes to be opened for them.

• We have also been able to establish “Jireh clinic” which caters for the medical needs of whosoever comes, free of charge; and also Jireh kitchen which feeds as many as visit the kitchen during feeding hours every day.

• Over the years, we have granted scholarships to several students at different levels.

• Regularly, we engage in community outreaches and help projects to make better for those in remote areas.

• From time to time, God uses us to put smiles on the faces of widows, disabled people, motherless babies, and less-privileged people in society.

All these have been done through the Grace made available by our Lord Jesus and by the help of Ministry sons and daughters.

The main hub of Praise Tabernacle Mission

• Evangelism is the main focus of the church, and that we have been doing from day one without fail. This has led to several being saved, delivered and prospered.

• We have done several Revival meetings over the years with changing impacts in the lives of those that attended.

• We have done major worship and praise programs where we saw the likes of Ron Kenoly, Frank Edward, Joe Praise, Paul Agubata, and others. These were all evangelism strategies that yielded tremendous harvest.

• Our Media Ministry (PraiseTV and ZoeFm which are on satellite, and local radio broadcasts) have been very effective also in the evangelism campaign.

In all, with the help of God, we have done our best to blanket our world with the gospel of Jesus Christ; and we will still do more.

Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance service (PHD)

The Lord has upgraded the assignment to PHD (Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance) service which we currently run on the first Sunday of every month. This service is streamed live via satellite which covers 370 nations and also through the internet to reach multitude of audience. We also have locations (viewing center) covering all the Local Government Areas in Imo State, one in Rivers state, one in Abia state, Two in Abuja, One in South Africa, and one in UK. These viewing centers see people in their numbers come with hunger for a touch and God does not disappoint as He always gives us testimonies from around the world.

Where we expect Praise Tabernacle to reach by 2020

• We are trusting God for a landed property to build a befitting cathedral that can contain the entire congregants at a go.

• We trust God to get license from the Nigerian Government to bring our satellite TV and radio stations to terrestrial

• We believe God for buses to transport church members to and fro every nook and cranny of the state per service.


• We hope to reach out to over one billion souls with the gospel of Jesus.

• We hope to blanket the 36 states of this Nation with PHD locations (viewing centers).

• We hope to open Praise tabernacle parishes in more states and nations of the world

• We believe God for International Gospel Centers in South Africa and UK.

• We hope to have more of our members in leadership and elevated positions all over the country and other nations.

The God that has brought us from zero to where we are at the moment is faithful and able to take us to our expected reach by 2020 Amen!

As a church, we have been through hard times, persecutions from within and without but we turned out stronger, bigger and better. True to the words of Jesus in Matthew 16:18, “…and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” He has built Praise Tabernacle and there is no stopping where He is taking us to.

Pastor Anita and I wish to thank the team of pastors and workers that have worked with us over the years. We would not have gotten here without your heartfelt and committed efforts. Your labours of love will not go unrewarded. As we celebrate today, so shall also celebrate.

We wish to thank everybody who has joined in this 18th anniversary celebration from all over the world via satellite, via the internet, in other parishes and also live in church here. will always have reason to celebrate in Jesus name. As you enjoy the rest of the service, an anniversary blessing will drop on you in Jesus name!


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