An interview with the Grand Winner of the second edition of Ibadan’s Got Talent, Miss Ojuolape Pelumi Mary, popularly known as :Chantel’

1. Can we meet you?

Yes. My name is Ojuolape Pelumi Mary, popularly known as Chantel.

2. Can we know your family background?

Yes, I am the first of 3 kids my mom gave birth to. I’m from an average family, where we are not too poor and not too rich, but we are living fine.

3. How long have been singing?

I have been singing at the age of 9years old.

4. Is Ibadan’s Got Talent your first ever competition?


5. What made register for the talent show?

My dream to be come who I want to be.

6. Being a major competitive show ever attended, what were the challenges you faced and how did you overcome it?

Sleepless night, rehearsing, praying, I overcame it by listening and putting my focus on the right thing

7. Did get your parents supports for the talent show?

No I didn’t get my parents support but I got my families support.

8. What is your standard value?

Dependability, Loyalty, Honesty, Reliability, Consistency, Open mindedness, Commitment, Efficiency

9. Being the Grand winner of the event, how did feel?

Wow I feel am getting closer to my dream

10. What do have to say to other talented youths out there?

give up keep trying and please believe in yourself that can do it and make sure you do it better

11. A word for the organizers of this talent show?

Thank so much for creating this platform, you brought my dream into reality God you so much.

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