Lady narrates how she met the love of her life on Twitter

Social media has sure proven to be a catalyst for the development of many relationships, as so many people around the world have met their heartrobs online.

‘ AusBassie ‘, a twtter user, has attested to this fact.
Sharing her love experience, AusBassie revealed how she met her lover on Twitter, and advised people to make out to respond to their DMs, because their missing ribs might just be a DM away.

According to her love story, her heartrob sent her a direct message on Twitter some years back, which she responded to. They got talking and then from being mere friends, their relationship grew to ‘lovers’.
They began dating in 2014. The friendship has been great so far, and the duo are now ready to make it official and be joined together as husband and wife. With excitement, the bride-to-be shared adorable photos of herself and her man.

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