NAIJA NEWS: What Nigerian Army Promised To Do If They Catch Any Boko Haram

The Nigerian soldiers have boasted that they can defeat boko haram in just 15 minutes if they catch any .

The Nigerian Army has brought up its significant impediment in vanquishing Boko Haram radicals in the North East, flaunting that it can overcome the terrorist in 15 minutes on the chance that they are given with essential coordinations.

Maj. Gen. Olusegun Adeniyi, Theater Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole revealed that absence of Army Aviation was liable for its failure to crush the radicals.

Adeniyi said Boko Haram has been a “considerable power” as they are seen to be.

He stated:

“The main thing that should be given to the military presently is Nigeria Army Aviation.

“There is a way tackle an issue that will change the game. The military needs battle helicopters to end the Boko Haram war. In the event that we have it, it won’t be conveyed like flying corps resources, aviation based armed forces planes which are for greater vital objectives.

“These helicopters will lay with us in the channels, they will be with us in the cutting edge. helicopters and the rifles are dispatched together.

“I realize this has been on the table for quite a long time. Nigeria can disregard Boko Haram.

“Give me a chance to state Boko Haram is certainly not an impressive power, Boko Haram isn’t solid; Boko Haram can’t continue 15 minutes of concentrated terminating.

“I for one trade with Boko Haram in Marte, in Delta, in Gubio as representative theater administrator and as theater leader.

“It would be ideal if proceed to reveal to Abuja that Boko Haram is certifiably not an impressive power that the military can’t overcome.”

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