SHOCKING NEWS 9JA: Security Men Angrily Beats Up Pregnant Student of MOUAU University…(brutal pics)

As per reports from graduating students of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, were brutalized by security men, including a 4-month old pregnant girl.

As indicated by MOUTatafo: Over energetic security men of Micheal okpara college of farming beat up students praising the finishing of their last test of the year.

One of the security staff utilized the handle of his gun to hit a 4 months old pregnant student who was rushed to the medical clinic

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The new security unit have offered ascend to dread and pressure inside the college because of their oppression and furthermore the manner in which their young enlisted people wave weapons around the school compound without a uniform or appropriate ID. MOUAU security agents beat up understudies after tests.

Touts in security garbs are continually acting without risk of punishment. @nigeriacampusconnect have to see this. – #regrann

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