“Today Makes It 1 Year Since I Quit Smoking” — Don Jazzy

Who would ever believe that a personality that attracts the tag “Don” would ever think of having to quit getting a soft stick in the middle of two of his ten fingers and exiting smoke from his mouth in the aftermath?
It’s really going to be hard to think of that though, however, has actually made it easy to as he has revealed he doesn’t smoke anymore.
The boss who is a fervent user of Twitter took to the social media platform to reveal the shocking to music lovers and other Twitter users in the early hours of this morning.

In fact, Don Baba didn’t make a precise announcement, he is actually celebrating a year anniversary of quitting smoking.
He revealed today makes it one year since he stopped smoking and judging by the composition of the tweet, it is easy to detect fulfilment and excitement from the don.

wrote; “Today makes it one year since I quit smoking. Clap for me pls hehe.”
Today makes it one year since I quit smoking. Clap for me pls 😁 hehe. 🦎 pic.twitter.com/nFDJsy2bcr— ITS DONJAZZY AGAIN😉 (@DONJAZZY)
September 24, 2019

A fan asked how he was able to quit smoking and not return to the habit, responded writing, “I just stopped like that o. Cold turkey. Tho I started overeating sha. After like 2 months you will be aiight.”

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